Student Ambassador-Environmental/eSTEM

Throughout modern history, students have been the engine that powers the most transformative of movements.  From civil rights to women’s rights, students acted as catalysts for earth shifting change.  You and your peers are in a unique position to lead on the issue of our generation: the sustainability of people and the planet. ~USGBC

The Green Schools Student Ambassador Program develops leaders with a passion for improving school communities while preserving our environment.  Topics addresses in this program include: STEM,Environmental Health, Sustainability, Conservation, Renewable Energy, Waste Management, Green Jobs, and more.  Students will actively work to improve their school and/or greater community by way of  a customized service project.  Students will also be asked to share timely information with your school/organization with regards to grants, awards, and special opportunities made available only through this program.

Become a STEMbassador, Recycling Ambassador, Wellness Ambassador, Energy Ambassador, or create your own Ambassadorship with Green Schools!

The Student Ambassador Programs helps students acquire meaningful, hands-on experiences that can be used to connect students to potential STEM Fields/Majors including;

Agriculture & Natural Resources, Architecture, Biological & Bio-medical Sciences, Computer & Information Sciences, Engineering & Engineering Technology/Technicians, Health Professionals and Clinical Sciences, Mathematics & Statistics, Physical Sciences, and others.

If interested in applying for EPA’s Presidential Environmental Youth Certificate, please select which application form you prefer to complete and submit.


  • Must complete a min. of 20 Hrs. of Environmental Education or eSTEM GS Ambassador Project Proposal
  • Must implement an Environmental or eSTEM Project [min of 20 hrs.]
  • Must complete a Point Card to Track Hours NGSS_Point Card
  • Must attend a min. of 2 Field Experiences in the course of 1 yr.
  • Must turn in all required documentation
  • Must complete an Evaluation in the form of an Outcomes Report
  • Invited to participate in our Green Schools Student Advisory Council [GSSAC]
  • Strongly encouraged to participate in 1 fundraiser to benefit the Green School s Organization
  • Strongly encouraged to participate in The Green Schools Summit [MA] and Green Schools National Conference [CA]
  • Strongly encouraged to attend The Green Difference Awards Ceremony where ALL active students will be honored  with Environmental or eSTEM Ambassador Certificates
  •    [Spring- MA State House].

The Green Schools Green Rocker Program develops singer songwriters/bands/leaders with a passion for improving school communities while preserving our environment. Topics addresses in performances are to include: Environmental Health, Sustainability, Conservation, Renewable Energy, Waste Management, Green Jobs, and more.

Green Rocker, Alyssa Musto performs original song “I Wanna Rock the World and Save it at the Same Time” Performed at the MA State House:


Green Rocker Sisters, The Veayo Twins perform original song “Starting With Me…The 1st Green Rocker Song Performed at MA State House:


Green Rocker, Amanda McCarthy, performs original song “Do Our Part in Going Green” Performed at the MA State House:

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