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Green Schools Members receive the very best customization of EE [Environmental Education] programming and resources to create greener and healthier Schools & Communities.  We educate and inspire leaders of sustainable schools for years to come.

District Membership = $1,500

School Membership  = $500

Basic Membership = FREE

*Wrap your school with everything you need to be a successful Green School and become a Green Schools Member today!

•     Includes up to 20 FREE Student Ambassadors/Interns ($500 value)

•     Includes 1 year of GSS or JGSS Membership ($150 value)

•     Includes 1 year of our services + 2 in-person meetings.  Can be used for policy work, planning,

special programs, related fundraising, resources, projects, etc… ($500 value)

•     Learn how to save $$ for your school through Environmental Actions + Special Events


* Contact us to receive special pricing and program options for Districts.

School Membership + 2 Programs [Assembly/Staff Training] = $1,750

•     Membership is FREE/included when you book 2 programs!

Note: Cost for first program is $1,000.  Additional programs are just $750 each.

Note: Individual Assemblies can be booked for $1,000 [though most schools tend to book 2 programs].

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