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Focus on Conserve School

Posted by Maureen on October 8, 2014

I was recently researching semester schools for my son who is in high school. A semester school is like a high school exchange, only for one semester, and most of the programs provide high school curriculums that align with the sophomore or junior year. A semester school typically runs from August to December or January through May. There are about 12 semester school programs in locations across the US and some that are in Europe.

In my search, I was looking for the right mix of environmental education, academics, location, and (frankly) fun. All of the semester schools offer different visions and approaches to academics, but one was a standout in the area of environmental education and hands-on learning – Conserve School. Conserve School is focused on the theme of environmental stewardship. And, it is a 2014 national Green Ribbon School award winner. Founded by Jim Lowenstine, Conserve School was conceived of in 1965, but only started in 1996 after Lowenstine’s death. The school is located on a sprawling estate in Land O’Lakes, WI, in the beautiful northern woods of Wisconsin near the Michigan border.

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Photos make an impact

Posted by Melissa Cowell on October 15, 2014
photo 1

My name is Melissa Cowell, and I am a junior (11th Grade). I have been working with Green Schools for two years, and it continues to amaze me how much people care about our environment. Although this is true, and there are plenty of people caring about our environment, there are also those who do not realize the serious impact climate change will continue to have on our lives.

The other day, I was scrolling through some social media site, quickly looking at the picture and caption, and then moving on to the next. As I was scrolling, a set of four pictures managed to catch my attention. These four pictures were emphasizing the strong impact that global warming, and the actions by everyday people are having on our lives. The caption written below these photos was “This is sad, but I don’t understand the big deal about them.” This caption made me upset because people are unaware of how big of a deal climate change is. (Read the rest...)