Green Schools Student Leader, Val, Hopes to Study STEM at Northeastern University!

valcollage_SM“My interest in technology and my ardent passion for creating has been growing ever since I was a child. When my parents purchased my 1st set of LEGO’s I spent the majority of my free time constructing a variety of creations. At the age of seven, I received a spot in the LEGO catalog for my creation of an airplane…. This was no ordinary airplane. I used an old toothbrush motor and a battery, and incorporated it into the LEGO airplane. The motor powered a small propeller and this aspect made the airplane much more interesting to me. Later on, in high school I decided to pursue classes like Engineering and Technology, Physics, and AP Calculus, as well as work with STEM-related organizations such as Green Schools. By the end on my junior year I noticed that a majority of my interests pointed towards STEM subjects, and at the start of senior year I decided that I would most enjoy the fields of Technology and Computer Science. This is when I decided that pursuing STEM studies in college would be an ideal choice for me.


We’re Looking Forward to the Green Schools National Conference in Sacramento!


The Green Schools National Conference is March 26-29, 2014The 4th Annual Green Schools National Conference is March 26-29 in Sacramento, California.  The Conference is the nation’s largest gathering of green, healthy and sustainable K-12 school leaders and learners.  Some 1,500 teachers, parents, principals, superintendents, food service directors, facilities managers, and other partners are expected to attend.  Topics will include sustainability skills and knowledge for the 21st century; stewardship and service learning; sustainable facilities design and management; health and well-being; and creating strong partnerships and networks.  We can’t wait to be a part of this year’s Green Schools National Conference!



Green Schools Awarded Outstanding Service to Environmental Education [EE] by NAAEE

Robin Award

Green Schools was recently Awarded Outstanding Service to Environmental Education Organization-Regional Category by NAAEE at the 42nd NAAEE Conference in Baltimore, MD

Green Schools was recognized as a leading 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization organized for Environmental Education [EE] & Environmental Literacy purposes that provide a number of Hands-on, Environmental Education/STEM-based programs and resources to help students, schools [K-16], and communities make The Green Difference!

This past year, Green Schools directly impacted more than 200,000 K-16 students, teachers, schools, and community members. Green Schools is a nationally recognized EE Leader when it comes to advancing Environmental Education in Schools, as well as developing Environmentally Literate Students [K-12] across the Commonwealth, our Region, and our Nation.

Meet Andrew – Green Schools Peer Advisor & Program Developer

ANDREW IS ECO AWESOME!  Meet Green Schools Developer of our Peer Advisor/Student Mentoring Program.Andrew is currently researching and investigating the ecological consequences of climate change. “I hope to combine field work with species distribution modeling to determine how populations could respond to climate change. I am particularly interested in invasive species.”Andrew is also helping Green Schools roll out and develop an Environmental Service Club, as well as Graduation Requirements for Higher Ed Institutions

In addition, Andrew is currently working on the following projects at Susquehanna University and he hopes to be of service to our Ambassadors.

More about Andrew…Project Interest: I like to work on projects involving sustainable food systems. These include working with the dining services department at my university to try and promote sustainable healthy eating on campus.Example: Labeling food in the cafeteria with the mileage, so that students know how far away the food their eating comes. This helps them make a more informed eating decision.


Green Schools Leads Environmental Literacy Workshop at Tufts University

RobinEnvironmental Studies Lunch_Organ


Join Green Schools at Tufts Institute of the Environment Lunch & Learn on Thu, October 17, 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm, Rabb Room
Tisch College, Lincoln Filene Center, Tufts University, Medford Campus

Learn the recipe for success when developing Environmentally Literacy Skills for the 21st Century! This workshop showcases
multiple Environmental Education strategies for the College Student & Teacher/Informal Educator. Learn how to deliver best
practices when it comes to experiential education in Environmental Education through service learning opportunities that
truly engage in innovation and sustainable outcomes.

Register Here:

I want to Green More Students & Schools!

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At MA State House-Great Hall

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2014 Green Difference Awards

2014 Green Difference Awards

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